Our Mission: 

The Organizing Network for Education (ONE) Houston is a network of students, parents, educators and community members who organize through political and social action to bring about educational change.

Since 2012, ONE Houston has hosted over 100 house meetings across the greater Houston area to determine the educational equity issues most prevalent and pervasive to the Houston community. 

In May 2015, ONE Houston held its first issues assembly that convened 130 students, educator, and parents. We followed this action with an accountability forum for the HISD School Board candidates in October of 2015, pressing their commitments to addressing inequities in the exclusionary discipline practices of HISD.

ONE Houston’s membership has since recommitted to two new issues determined our 2017 Issues Assembly. More than 250 attendees determined that community hubs and supporting immigrant, undocumented, and refugee students were a top priority. We welcome parents, teachers, students, and members of the community across Houston to join us at house meetings and actions as we advocate for educational equity for all Houston kids.

“All Houston students will have equitable educational opportunities, and all Houston communities will advocate for the evolving needs of their children.”

— ONE Houston VIsion

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